Ravenrun: The majority of the elves of Arten make their homes in the densely forested realm of Ravenrun. In the waning years of Arten’s war of conquest, Ravenrun seemed like it might hold out even longer than Dunbarrow. Elves have always been an insular folk, wanting to keep to themselves and not have their way of life corrupted by other creeds and cultures. The elves of Ravenrun seek to live in harmony with nature, considering themselves part of the food chain, not safely above it in lofty stone towers. They hunt and gather and live amongst the trees, much as the other creatures of the forest.

Although Ravenrun is considered its own realm, it is not a unified nation in the true sense. It is a land ruled mainly by the seven major tribes of elves, each with its own cultural heritage, traditions, and territory. The tribes band together in times of crisis when the forest itself is threatened, but for the most part stick to their own. Skirmishes between tribes does occur from time to time for various reasons, mostly matters of territory. Elves do not believe in the concept of land ownership, but like all predators, they understand territory just fine. One thing that is almost universal amongst the elves is their complete lack of tolerance for outsiders. If a non-elf should be unfortunate enough to wander into the forest without an official escort, they may find themselves in an archer’s sights before long. There are even rumors that the elves eat humans and the like, but such tales are products of racial tensions rather than actual accounts.

Much to the elves chagrin, a large river known as the Zulapar, or “blue scar” in Elven. The rest of the world knows the river as the Trade Ribbon, or more colloquially “the Knife-Ear Road”. The river is vitally important to trade amongst the realms, because it cuts weeks of travel off of land bound caravans. As part of the treaty that brought an end to the War or Arten Conquest, the elves of Ravenrun had to agree to allow merchant travel along the river without fear of being attacked. The elves don’t like it, but they abide to prevent further invasions into their homeland. Several docks manned by royal soldiers dot the banks of the river and are the only safe places for non-Elven vessels to dock. If a boat were to dock anywhere else for any reason, the elves would be in their rights to do with the unfortunate souls as they please.

The tribes take turns in selecting a champion to send forth as a Realm’s Guard. The chieftain governing the tribe in question undergoes a vision quest in which he or she seeks signs from Legohnna to determine who would be best to represent and protect Ravenrun.

Ruling Tribes:

Notable Sites
The Wildheart


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