Dunbarrow, from it’s misty marshes to its rocky highlands, is characterized more by spirit of its people than anything else. It was the last realm to fall to Arten, and stood with a fierce defiance even against the other four realms combined. Even after their grudging surrender, their love of home and freedom remain as true as ever.

Dunbarrow is home to a long tradition of brave warriors loyal to home and family. In the ancient days of its beginnings the disparate clans rallied together to fight against some long forgotten common enemy, and what remained was a united realm. A strong sense of familial loyalty still holds, with duty to one’s clan often coming before duty to the land. Dunnish folk revere the spirits of fallen ancestors, and invoke their names in payer and ritual as often as the gods themselves.

Aside from family and freedom, the people of Dunbarrow value one thing: strength. It is the strongest clan chieftain that rules the realm, and the strongest warriors that garner favor for their clan. Their rugged nature is a great point of pride shared by the Dunnish. Major holidays are usually celebrated with festivals featuring feats of strength and reenactments of battles from Dunbarrow’s history.

Current Ruler: Elfeena Glennah


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