Return of the Burning Kings

Goblins at the Gates

After the runner burst into the feast and announced that the city was under attack, King Barrett bellowed, “Well, what are you waiting for?! You’re not retired yet!” The guardians swiftly leapt into action. First they quelled the panicked guests and got them to go with the palace guards in an orderly fashion. The bulk of the guards escorted the king to a safe location somewhere else in the palace, while the remainder led the noble guests to the kitchen cellar. Magnus Lione, the former guardian of Arten, went with the guests to make up for the lack of guards.

One of the guests, the Duke of Marketh, claimed that he believes his mining company may be responsible for rousing the goblin horde. He seemed apologetic and offered to lend his magics to protect the other guests. The Guardians invited him to join them on the battlefield, but he seemed to lack the nerve for all out warfare.

As the Guardians made their way through the southern gate, the soldiers manning the gates to the palace worried that too many of the troops were moving to the outer walls of the city and that the palace itself may be vulnerable if the main force was outflanked. They asked the Guardians to find Captain Abner and convince him to send reinforcements back to the palace.

Outside the palace gates the Guardians encountered a squad of kobolds that swarmed up from the sewers and slaughtered a troop of ambushed soldiers. After slaying the kobolds, one of whom was armed with crude explosives, the party dragged a heavy weight to hold the sewer grate shut. They fought there way through a few more kobold incursions before they met up with Captain Abner who was strategizing with his lieutenants. He told them that the goblin forces possessed numbers he’s never seen among their kind, and that the bulk forces are being directed by hobgoblin commanders. He suggested capturing one of the hobgoblins for interrogation. He was also previously unaware of the kobold presence. One of his lieutenants said his battalion was routed by a goblin ambush and told the Guardians where they could find the ambush site.

The party set off in a hurry to catch up with the goblins before they got too far. They found a residential neighborhood that was partially ablaze. A hobgoblin was directing his minions to burn the houses. The Guardians quickly realized that they had fallen into the same ambush tactic that had cost the lives of the lieutenant’s men. As they rushed in to attack the small group of goblins, archers perched on the rooftops loosed arrows down on them. After a painful skirmish the goblins were dead and their commander was captured alive.

Endings and Beginnings

After many years since their last adventure together, the five guardians of the realms gathered to meet at the Crown’s Rest Inn in the township of Goldhearth before pushing on towards the capital of Arten, Guidestar. Whilst there the five heroes reminisced about the day when they were each chosen to become the guardians of their respective realms. Faerval Fasternithe remained the last boy standing in a grand melee. Arbrint was granted the honor by his father’s bitter rival, the Dinh of Ghillerrie. Balinor was caught stealing to feed his starving sister, and was given the burden of guardianship instead of having his hands lopped off as a thief. Tristan Galahad was chosen as a guardian in Zaro Coldbright’s prophetic dreams. Kithri of the Darkwood was called from her exile at the behest of the elven goddess, Legohnna.

On their way to the capital, the party encountered a crashed merchant’s wagon that was being picked over by a group of goblins and their bugbear leader. The panicked screams of a woman in distress urged them to slay the goblins. After rescuing Layla Gralind and her young son, Timah, the group decided to escort them back to Guidestar. The two were taken care of by royal attendants, and the party joined the banquet that was being held in their honor. Although King Barrett was initially furious with them for being late to their own banquet, he was warmed up by their daring tale of heroism. This banquet was to commemorate the guardians for their service and to signify that they would be meeting their successors and passing on the torch.

Late into the evening an out of breath guard burst into the grand hall. “Your Highness, the city is under attack! Goblins at the gates, and kobolds from the sewers!”

The Wizard's Dream

The flames are everywhere. The smoke is so thick it’s nearly solid. It’s so hard to see, and the sound of some unholy beasts rends the air. A gust of rushing wind from the swing of some titanic limb clears some of the flames to reveal the horror that fills the sky. A fiendish giant with dark crimson skin and a long ridged tail roars in anger. Large black wings flap and whip the inferno into a swirling vortex. Black talons wrap around the hilt of an enormous serrated black blade dripping red with recent butchery. Beneath the heavy gnarled horned atop its head, two eyes gleam with the crimson fury of hell itself.
The sky roars back with equal ferocity. Dragons circle above in the ash choked vista. Five of them in all, though these winged terrors seem more than mere dragons. They are the pinnacle of dragon kind, the most powerful and ancient of their species. They dive and spew flame and storm at the demon. As the behemoths trade blow for blow, blade for talon, rage for rage, creation crumbles and burns beneath them.
“Gasp!” An old man startles awake in his bed, drenched in a cold sweat and wide eyed with a knowing fear. He speaks in a hushed tone to no one in particular, “The ancient fires burn once again. The world must be ready” with that the old man throws off his covers and gets to his feet. He hastily makes his way through his scroll and tome filled bed chambers and dons a set of robes. He gets a running start as he leaps from his window. In the instant it takes him to cross the threshold of his window he has transformed into a sparrow, flying away from his tower nested on some coastal cliff.
The sky is an endless blue, without so much as a cloud on the horizon. A shadow falls over the sparrow, and it spares a glance upwards. What greets it is the roaring maw of a blue dragon. The sparrow frantically flaps it’s wings to outrun the scaly beast. The dragon gives chase and snaps its toothy jaws down on air as the transmuted wizard is barely able to escape certain death. The form of the sparrow shimmers for a moment and then suddenly a flock of sparrows fills the sky. All of their movements are identical, and the dragon roars again before spitting bolts of lightning at the newly formed flock. Dozens of doppelgänger birds disappear, and dozens more as the dragon begins chomping madly at the flock. Soon the wizard gives up on his ruse.
The sparrow turns back towards the shore, a copse of gnarled pale trees looms ahead. The wizard transforms once again, this time into a hawk and he begins to dive towards the trees. The dragon follows. Seeing only its quarry, the beast is heedless of the danger ahead. The hawk zips through a gap between the thick twisting branches, a space too small for the dragon. The ploy works, the dragon slams into the trees with a riotous thud, wedging it’s head in between two thick tree trunks. As the hawk flies away, he can hear the beast bellow indignities as it struggles to free itself.

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